Difference between "storefront-renderer" and "core" liquid renderer

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I am right now profiling and debugging a new theme we are developing. I use the shopify chrome extension to get details about the time spent on code fragments.

I noticed that our new theme (in development environment, separate dev store) is using renderer "Rendering back-end: core". Seems that the storefront-renderer is much faster.

See official statement here https://www.shopify.com/enterprise/reunite 

  • Now I am wondering how shopify decides to use which render engine. core vs. storefront-renderer?
  • Are there specific liquid elements which trigger the use of a specific engine?
  • How can I force the new storefront-renderer?

It seems our store uses different render engines per page. Thats why I am asking. Have no idea on how to isolate the problem any further. Advice on that would be welcomed.

Thank you.