Different currencies for different products

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I've enabled multiple currencies, but I can still only set the price for each product in the currency set for the account.


We want to sell different products to different markets, so need to set the base price for each product in the currency for the respective market, is this possible without using dynamic currency conversion?


Or would I have to subscribe to a new shopify for each currency?


Thank you

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Hi there!


You could use Selling in Multiple Currencies with Shopify Payments let your customers paying with local currencies. You could add currency selector  to your theme providing your customer multiple currency selections.


Besides, you can further use Geo Redirect tool to detect your visitors' locations and auto direct them to correct currency URLs. For example, if your customer is in Australia, it will auto direct him to exampleshop.com?cur=AUD. The tool is easy to set and integrate. You can set up redirecting rules within a few steps. No code is necessary. Shopify platform is perfectly supported.


Hope it helps!