Different price list, different sale for each customer.

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I would like to start a B2B eShop on Shopify.
On my actual offline relationship with customers each one has a different %Sale not on entire list but on each Collection and Brand we have.

So before to start on shopify, I need to know if different price or sale of a single product is avaible for different customer.

So example Product X (group of product) at 100€ - Customer A see 100€-10% and Customer B see 100€-30%.

And for future, B2C Customer see full price (public price).

Thanks everyone.

Hi @AndreaSeq ,

I am not aware of such a functionality out of the box, but with a small extensions you should be able to achieve this.

In the end you have your customer information - via accounts - and your product information available together on each page. And you can add Metafields to customers so that you can classify them. With the product variants you can have a matrix of prices. So in the end it might be just a simple "if" or "case" statement in Liquid to show the price for each customer class.


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