Disable URL redirection when clicking on product image from cart

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Hello everyone, 


I use Debut theme and when you have a product in your cart, if you click on the image of this product from the cart page, it redirects you to the product page. I would like to disable this functionality because I want to replace this URL redirection to a lightbox with the same image but bigger. 


I already did the lightbox thing but when I click on the image, it redirects me on the product page. Does someone knows how to disable this ? I'm confortable with coding if needed. 


Thank you in advance !

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Hi @axelroz 

If you are comfortable with coding, then open the theme.js file

Look for line which looks like this 

this.$thumbnails.on('click', this._handleThumbnailClick)

Just put comment at the starting of this line and then it won't redirect. 
It will look like this after commenting it down.

// this.$thumbnails.on('click', this._handleThumbnailClick);