Disable custom features on cart page if all products do not share same tag Shopify

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I have a custom checkout experience in my Shopify store that I only want to allow if all products in the cart contain the tag "test"

This is the function I currently have, which seems to only work with a single item in the cart.

 function productTags() {
{%- assign tagEnabled = false -%}
return {
{%- for item in cart.items -%}
{%- if item.product.tags contains 'test' -%}
"{{ item.product.tags }}": {{ item.quantity | json }}
{%- assign tagEnabled = true -%}
{%- endif -%}
{%- endfor -%}

this line ( "{{ item.product.tags }}": {{ item.quantity | json }}) is only there for display in the console when testing this. I can remove that if necessary.

How can I expand this to look for all item tags in the cart, and only assign the tagEnabled variable to true if all of them have the same tag?

Thanks in advance!