Disable inspect element, disable download image without app only coding

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Hey There,
I'd like to disable all the ways to access Inspect Element such as "Right Click, F12, Ctrl + Shift + I, Ctrl + Shift + J, Ctrl + U, and also I'd like to hide my Gif Url form the source page too finally can I hide CDN URL.

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You can't do that. There is a way to prevent the right-click so the context menu doesn't show up, but that would be it. You can do nothing about the URL and content, so if you are sensitive about your assets being "stolen" add watermarks to your images.

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@Visely-Team What about using the code from this site, should it not be possible?




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Let's be clear about something here: if a user goes to a webpage and see an image, it's already been downloaded to their computer.

You can spend as much time as you want trying to hide and obfuscate images, and there will still be someone who can get around it.  I had a client once who was a NYT bestseller, and a bit eccentric. He too, wanted his images "unstealable." We did all kinds of gymnastics, and as soon as his people couldn't figure it out was when we were done. Quite the black hole, but at least he had deep pockets.

A note of caution: if your intended audience is of a highly technical persuasion, such efforts can actually turn people away–merely the attempt betrays a misunderstanding that a technical brand can hardly afford to project.