Disabled Cart Function for Outside of USA Users / Expanded Abandoned Cart Email Settings

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Hi Everyone,


Just wanted to ask if someone has ever come across these 2 issues and if they had any work around fixes or permanent fixes:


Quick Facts: We only ship to the USA domestically, but we have international distributors who use our website for product information and promotions.


Questions and Issues:

The main issue is we have international customers able to add the product to the cart but they are unable to checkout due to us not shipping internationally. We now get email responses to our automatic abandoned cart email stating why are we sending them reminders that they have product in their cart when they can't even check out due to them not being in the United States.

1. Is there a way to disable add to cart for customers who are not in the USA? (that way this does not get an automated abandoned cart email)

2. Is there a way to get more expanded settings for Abandoned Cart Emails, that way we can turn off the emails sent out to people not in the United States?


Thank you! I know this will be some important points for some sellers here trying to do the same thing and not finding a viable solution.