Disabling the 'stored' customer address dropdown in checkout?

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     Our Company is on Shopify Plus and use the Zapiet Store Pickup & Delivery app to facilitate these shipping types.

When a customer chooses the Store Pickup option, the Shipping Address fields pre-populate with the store address of the pickup location they chose, which is correct. However, we were running into issues with customers editing these fields to different addresses (like their home address), which causes the orders to charge the incorrect tax amount. 

As a solution, we tried hiding the Shipping Address fields on pickup orders only, so they could not be edited by the customer, but now we are running into an issue with customers who have Accounts on our website (and we do not want to get rid of customer accounts).

When a customer has an account, it saves all of their previous shipping addresses, and in checkout these addresses display through a dropdown. The customer is able to select one of these addresses, and it populates the hidden Shipping fields with the incorrect address.


Does anyone know of a way to disable the 'stored address' dropdown in checkout?  - 

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Thank you!