Discount not working on cart page, works on checkout

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Discount codes don't appear to be working on my cart page, if the page POSTs to /cart with a discount parameter, it doesn't seem to be applied, no error messages or anything. If I post it to the /checkout page, it shows on the Shopify checkout page. It also works by inputting it on the checkout page. I can't see anything in my theme that would be causing this issue, is there an issue on Shopify's side with this?

You can view this at using the discount code MUM15


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This is just how Shopify works. Discount codes can only be applied in checkout.

You could maybe fake it with some javascript on the cart page. If you pass a discount code through a URL parameter, you could use javascript to get the code and update the prices. It's not a scalable solution though because you'd have to know (hard code) how the discount works for the discount code passed in. Or if you're able to construct your discount code with that information, you could parse the code to get the discount value (something like PROMO5percent = 5% off, PROMO10dollar = $10 off).