Discounted rates from Shopify Shipping

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We ship from Miami, Florida and sell items that are 3 ounces. How come the setting "Discounted rates from Shopify Shipping" calculates a 3 ounce item to cost $16.00 for Priority Mail?

How come there isn't an option during checkout for a Priority Mail "flat rate envelope" that costs less than $8.00 to ship via USPS.

It's only giving me one fee of $16.00 and that is a ridiculous "calculated shipping rate via Shopify Shipping"

Most customers know how much an item under a pound should cost via Priority Mail. This issue is turning away my customers.

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Hello @Lacey22 

The shipping also takes into account your default package in your shipping settings. You can add, and set as the default package the USPS Priority Flat Rate Envelope from there:


Go to your shipping settings, go down to the 'Packages' section, and click 'Add a package'



When the window pops up, click on the 'Carrier packaging' selection at the top of the window, then select the USPS Packaging. The Priority Flat Rate Envelope will be among the selections:


Once added, make sure it is set as the 'Default' package:




If not, click the 'Edit' link next to it and check the 'Set as default package' box, then click Save.