Display compare at price in cart and customer order emails

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I just recently discounted a few products on my webpage. However, I have noticed that the compare at price does not appear when these products are added to the cart/checkout - only the sale price. I am currently using the Brooklyn theme. I would like the compare at price to appear underneath the sale price in my cart and checkout as it does on my collection pages (link to webpage) so that customers are aware that they have saved money. I would also like the compare at price to show in customer order confirmation emails. Would somebody be able to help me with this? I am not a coding expert, but I know how to insert code if provided.

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I have the same issue.

I did figure out how to put the "compare at price" into the confirmation email via the html template, but it shows on all the items, not just the on-sale items.

This is how I did it:

Go to Settings (bottom left of page gear icon) --> Notifications --> Order confirmation (first item) --> then hit ctrl F for find on page and search for "price"

Under the line:  {% if line.final_line_price > 0 %}

Put this code: