Display the right products for each deliveries of an order

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I have my website luxely-home.com (you can enter with a password by clicking on "visiter le site avec un mot de passe", password : visiterlesite-1234) that I will launch in few days. 
I noticed there was something problematic. When logged, the user can acces to his past orders and follow what is the status of its delivery.  I have a test account to show my problem. 

to connect on the test account (please don't buy anything as it is a test view...) : email - test.user.william@gmail.com and password : azerty963

You can now go to /account and see the orders i will talk about below : 

- When we deliver in two or more packages an order (because we dont have the room in one package to fit all the product ordered), for each different delivery of an order you have a unique delivery status link are appearing, the quantity and the price related (it is the case of order #1030). 

order 1030.PNG


- Nevertheless the problem is here, it seems when the products are the same (look at order #1032), and they are separated in two or more packages on an order, there is just one delivery status link instead of 2 here and the price and quantity are packed in a same line. 

order 1032.PNG


Could you please help me to fix this problem so i have each delivery status link per packages of an order and the right related quantity and prices ?


Thank you for your help