Displaying all possible variations of variants to choose from instead of by option

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Hey there folks,


I currently have the task to make the product page form look a bit more like amazon's variant options form, where each possible variant has its own button- instead of having selections for each option(size, color etc.).  We are using venue theme.

For example:

$10 red / sm

$10 red / med

$12 green / sm

$12 green / med

I am having trouble getting the product.selected_or_first_available_variant to update according to these variant buttons and then subsequently update the product page with the variant's price/img/etc..  The original code loops through option in product.options_with_values and then (i'm not sure how) combines the two/three options chosen behind the scenes to get the correct variant and update the page with its data.  I think it has something to do with creating the id variable within the product-swatch snippet, which contains option.position.  While looping through the variants themselves, I have two options already chosen.  I thought it would be easy to just bypass this and go straight to the variant id of selected or something, but I'm really stumped. If anyone could enlighten me a bit on this issue, I would be greatly appreciative.  

Thanks in advance,