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We want to provide a page on our shopify webshop (custom page based on a custom template) where we show all the product images of orders that a customer has made. We would like to provide a download button to download those product pictures. 

We could show the product URL's and download those, but ideally we would like to create a .zip and download these in one file. So the customer can use checkbox on each product image to mark them as selected, then presses a download button.

Is it possible to do this within Shopify? We figured out how to loop the orders, order lines and get the images from those products. But now we have a list of image URL's. Is there any way (client side, some online service, script..) that allows us to create a .zip file from those URL's. So it should download the images from those URL's and then store them in a .zip file.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I guess one way to do it is to use Mechanic App.  It can create ZIP files from what you give it and e-mail them. And it has webhooks so you can tell it what files you want zipped.

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