Draft order invoice - Adapt date format

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As I am going through my mail templates for orders I just realized that the date format is not adapted to my audience.

Indeed, the default format in the HTML file is as follow: date: "%A, %-d %B %Y %02k:%M %z" which translates to: Friday, 23 July 2021 17:44 +0200.

I could live with this format, or adapt it myself if need be.

However my question is related to the days of the week and months. They are in English and I would like them to appear in Polish.

How can I adapt this? Maybe is there an app that would help me?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

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This is an accepted solution.

You can refer https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/liquid-date-format
It will help you to translate from English to Polish. https://i.imgur.com/RR4KoYZ.png
Hope it clear to you.

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