Drawer style cart and getting the Facebook pixel to add to cart properly. Brooklyn Theme.

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So I've looked up and tried multiple methods to get this to work correctly with no avail.  Seeing if anyone out there can help me.


Basically, when using the "Drawer" feature on the Brooklyn theme for your cart page without any modifications to the code the main problem is "add-to-cart" will not fire off on the Facebook pixel since it doesn't take you to the cart page.  I've found a few threads here https://community.shopify.com/c/Ecommerce-Marketing/My-facebook-pixel-does-not-show-add-to-cart-even... and here https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Design/Brookly-Theme-and-Facebook-Pixels/m-p/526715/highligh... both of which achieve the result of firing the add-to-cart event on the Facebook pixel.


The problem is the whole purpose of the Drawer is to allow the customer to be able to browse around and add more products to the cart without having to go to the cart page then hitting the back button and so on.  Using both of these methods, while the first add to cart gets recorded fine, once they add another product to the cart the pixel will double/triple fire as many times as they add more items to the cart.  This obviously screws up analytics and ads because for one customer it might show up as 10 add to carts instead of 1.


This is what it looks like with those methods implemented, using the drawer, and adding something to the cart twice.


Whereas if I use the default cart page and no drawer or extra code I get this 


Where I assume it will cycle until the customer leaves or purchases.  Also using the methods before I never saw that "custom parameters sent" which is shown in this pic above which I would assume to be important for the pixel.


So basically has ANYONE out there figured out this problem?  I'd much rather use the drawer but this is a huge issue.

Do any apps solve this?


Thanks everyone!



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Did anyone find a solution for this? Having the exact same problem with the same theme and ATC not firing and getting stuck with the "loading" spinning wheels for that event in pixel helper.