Dropshiping shopify store with Amazon inventory management system (multiple suppliers)?

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We have a dropshipping store with multiple dropship supplier, and currently all inventories are inputted by our team into shopify inventory listings. Some suppliers do not update us on time and we sell stock which appears to be out of stock.


We were  thinking to start using Amazon inventory system (so each supplier could input their inventory data there), and our idea woudl be to synchronise this with our store.


Is it possible with multiple suppliers? 


Also, in teh case when supplier alreday sells with amazon and has his amazon account, would he need to re-input all from the begining  to our account, or these two an be synchronised?


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Hey there @ViktorijaTVO! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


For inventory cases such as the one you raised, I think Spocket's features might be of interest to you! For one, merchants registered to our platform are sent emails by our Suppliers team to give updates on product status - inventory count, deactivation, order issues, etc. Inventory count is also something you can view when searching for items on our catalog.






Additionally, what ever the amount you set for inventory to be imported to your store, it updates automatically whenever a purchase is made by your buyers. Hope I presented this feature clearly! You can find out more about the app and the other features it can offer you by checking out Spocket's website. I'd also be more than glad to answer your questions here.