Duplicate H1 Tags

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Hi all, we are working with our SEO partners and they have found a few issues one being there is an issue that the taxonomies for the low tier title tags are working but H1 tags are not correct for example, "https://redboxvape.com/collections/thor-juice/18mg" & "https://redboxvape.com/collections/thor-juice/12mg" have the same H1 " Thor Juice" causing the taxonomy to create the same title tag (same goes for everyhting /thor-juice/).

Is it possible for a taxonomy to be put in place for H1 tags? To pull through the categories into it, i.e. “https://redboxvape.com/collections/thor-juice/18mg” H1 Tag will be “Thor Juice 18mg”.

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Yes. You'll have to find where the H1 is being output on the collection template and update to something like this:

  {{- collection.title }}
  {% if current_tags %}
    - {{ current_tags | join: ' + ' }}
  {% endif -%}