Duplicate Homepage

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Hi there,


Is it possible to duplicate the home page?

I am using my homepage as the landing page and would like to show one product on each home page.

I want to keep the layout exactly the same, just change product and text within each homepage.


Is that possible at all?

I am using Debutify 2.0.2

URL: https://vitalcatz.com/


Thank you. 


Dear @MedsyCare!
The homepage is actually managed by the Store Front Editor, and there isn't a way to duplicate it.
About your issue! I think that you should use same your homepage layout with other regular page and add your Product into it.
You can use Page Builder app to create and duplicate your page with easy ways.
You can see PageFly App here.

- [Tutorial] How to customize Shopify product page: academy.pagefly.io/customize-shopify-product-pages
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