Duplicate meta description, random duplicate page.

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Hi everyone.

I cannot find a thread that covers this with my problem.

I am currently refining my SEO and with UberSuggest a number of errors have come up.

Some how, two duplicate collection pages have been created (see links below). And also 2 on my womens collection.

However, I cannot find them within the backend of shopify backend and don't know how to go about deleting them. I cannot see that changing the meta will help as the page=2 is not correct and doesn't show on the website, only when you click on the link provided by UberSuggest.  

Can someone help please?

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Hello ,

You can't delete /?page=2, but yes you can delete /collections/mens form admin Under Product -> Collections but I don;t think that will make sense.

The page=2 means you have number of products which are beyond to limit that's why code break in it 2 pages or may be more than 2 depends on your product count.
To get rid from this you can check in your theme settings and try to change the limit a/to your desire. 
Or if the option is not available there then you have to get into code and change the limit manually.
But this change will impact the store speed and to get rid from it you have to use lazy load or related concept.


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