E-mail notifications in English

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Is there a way to make the e-mail notifications in English if my main site language is Dutch? I see some ways to do it but I really hope there is an automated way because Shopify has all the e-mail texts available in English. Is there some way we can toggle on the English versions again when I am on my English website that is translated by GTranslate?

So if there are on the Dutch website I want them to receive the email in Dutch and If they are one the English website I want them to receive it in English. Shopify makes this way harder than it should be because the english emails allready exist.

I really don't think it is worth all the effort if I am not advertising outside of my country. It is purely when there are people coming in with social media that doesn't speak Dutch. So 99% of my customers will still be Dutch I think.

I don't think these emails a read anyways so if someone from Germany orders something they will see a comfirmation email and will know it is ok.