Ebay Export to Shopify Import workflow CSV

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Hi Everyone,


I need help.


So doing my research with eBay's current channel app I have found that it's very limiting and also it creates a API lock on any listings linked via the shopify app which means that you can not edit any of the ebay listings in the ebay interface once their linked. The other issue I faced is how the linking of products are done via shopify to ebay and that it only supports one shopify product to one ebay listing which causes a few headaches for your strategy and listing setup.


So with that in mind I am brainstorming a process that can help me maintain our current strategy on eBay whilst using our new shopify store. 


We require the ebay orders to still come via the shopify website tagged as "ebay" so that stock is allocated to that order so we can reduce over-selling.


I want to know if there would be some way after downloading my orders  "exporting via csv" from eBay to then upload the csv to shopify to create orders and map the SKU's which are the same in our shopify products and ebay listings.


Essentially in doing this it would create orders in our back end as if they came via the ebay channel app mapped to the current shopify products which the stock will be allocated to.


We would handle the dispatching of the orders manually once they're sent. We would also maintain the ebay listing stock levels manually with high level stock numbers for the time being.