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I'm having real problems with my Google Analytics tracking. I have it installed in Online Store > Preferences. I've ticked Enhanced Ecommerce. I've also pasted the tracking code in Settings > Checkout > Additional scripts.

In Google Analytics I have Enhanced Ecommerce switched on and I have goals set up.

I have an issue whereby for some reason only some of the websites users are being tracked. I myself am not being tracked when I visit the site but I know some others are. That means that we are obviously missing a great deal of conversions in Google Analytics.

Can anyone help? I'm tearing my hair out trying to solve this.



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Without getting into deep details any number of issues can be going on.

Simple things to try to resolve the issue:

  1. are you running an adblocker? turn it off to see if result changes
  2. Try with a clean unmodified/unpublished theme
  3. Turn off any other analytics apps and test if the issue is 
  4. check your browser console for javascript errors
  5. more extreme disable all apps affecting the front end
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