Editable template that can be used for multiple pages

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I'm looking to create a template that has sections that are editable and able to be reordered. I would also like to use the template multiple times for multiple pages without the data in customization being copied over each time. I want to do this because we build a lot of landing pages with similar layouts, but different enough where we need a new section created or want to reorder the sections from time to time. I also want it all to be on the same template so I don't have to keep making different variations of a template and the sections and clutter the site.

I've gotten around most of this using blocks (for reordering and customization) and Accentuate Custom Fields (for being able to enter data specific to a page that doesn't replicate). However, when I use the same template for a different page, the block order stays the same across all pages. If I change it, it affects all pages under that template. I'd prefer to use the schema since it has a friendly user interface on Shopify under "Customize."

Is there any work around for what I'm trying to do here? Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks!