Editing Right Header Column Content

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When a customer is logged in, in the right side of menu bar he can see "My Account / Logout" Text.
So i want to change it to Hello, {{customer.first_name}}/Logout


so my attempt was to edit the header_account.liquid file and there i found a code snippet

 {%- if shop.customer_accounts_enabled -%}
	               <ul class="clearfix">
	                  {%- if customer -%}
	                  <li><a class="pr" href="/account">Hello,{{ customer.first_name }}</a></li>
	                  <li><a class="pr" href="/account/logout">{{ 'layout.customer.log_out' | t }}</a></li>
	                  {%- else -%}
	                  <li{% if settings.login_side and offpopup == false %} class="login-side-opener"{% endif %}><a class="pr" href="/account/login">{{ 'layout.customer.log_in' | t }}</a></li>
	                   {%- endif -%}
	            {%- endif -%}

As you can see on 4th line of code i have used some logic but the changes doesn't reflect on the site


Hello @suyashekhande,

Your code is working fine.


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