Editing Split Theme Announcement Bar for visibility on Mobile

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I am using the Split theme for my store front, and I am having an extremely difficult time trying to find and edit the liquid code to make the whole announcement on the bar visible on mobile. The description in theme customization states that it is for shorter announcements (50 characters max) however, the announcement is imperative and is fully visible on desktop and I don't see why I can't widen, heighten, or thicken the bar for full visibility on mobile.  

I have scoured google and because each theme is unique, the offered solutions don't work for me. I tried looking through the liquid code myself (I am not a dev, but know a little (very) about liquid) and am unable to locate the correct bit of code to edit. The closest I got was adding some px space between the top of the browser and the announcement. If anyone has any idea what route I could take to fix this issue I would be extremely grateful.

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Hi @Praeter

Please share your site URL so I can check and provide a solution here.
Or you can add me as a staff, i'll check it for you in this case (my email: jones.evan137@gmail.com)


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