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Hi there, i have the Debut theme, i want to edit the font so that some of the text is bold. I know how to edit the whole text within the CSS from the tag .announcement-bar__message. however i want some of it to be bold and the rest not. Like this: "Free Worldwide Shipping On All Orders" Is there any way to just bold some of the text. Thanks.

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The simplest way to achieve this is in the Debut theme is the following:

- Open header.liquid file in the Code Editor

- Search for announcement-bar__message

- Delete the curly braces and everything inside <p class="announcement-bar__message">{{ section.settings.message_text | escape }}</p>

- Replace what you deleted with this: "<strong>Free Worldwide Shipping</strong> On All Orders"

- Save and you're good to go

By doing this you'll only be able to edit the announcement bar text in the code editor, also anything you place inside of <strong></strong> will become bold