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Hello everyone

I could use some help from someone more experienced than me.

I was try to edit elements trough code on two webpages, one is brooklyn and one is narrative theme.


Its not hard to change font, padding margins etc. But i got stuck when i tried to change font size on home page. to be exact i would like to know is there a way to change font size (or any other element) on home page, but not to change it on collection page? or to have headers in two sections in different sizes.

I found online something with shopify id for sections but couldnt find it, also tried something like adding prefix in code like "body.index" but nothing worked.


Thanks for help in advance! 

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Hi @Chameleon 

If you want to change style on specific page then you can follow like this:

1. Open Layout->theme.liquid file and paste bellow condition code just above </body>

{% if template contains 'index'%}

Note: You can change your css, this condition only work on home page.

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Hi @Chameleon!


My name is Charles from Shogun Page Builder's Technical Support Team.  Sorry to hear you're struggling with changing a font size on your page.  While the aforementioned CSS solution will work if you would like to make further changes to your home page I would recommend checking out a page builder such as Shogun which can turn any standard page created in Shogun into your home page if you desire further customization without the use of code.


Let me know if you have any further questions, and please feel free to reach out anytime.  Have a great day!

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Same, i was trying to edit some section in my liquid but it applies to all similiar section



editing the h3 in feature-column.liquid, i also have a feature column above, so after applying the changes it applies both feature column below and above, is there any way for me to edit the specific liquid files? like how i used to edit the theme, where i just simply call the #id then selector, hoping for your feedback