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HI, I'm Jen, I help manage our online Shopify store - https://www.dpfpartsdirect.com/. I have been trying to figure out how to add and delete values that are in the drop down list for the vendor field with no luck. I have poked around the back end, Googled online and read many articles from Shopify - including the one about vendors and suppliers - https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/inventory/stocky/vendors-and-suppliers

Basically looks like a BS way of saying pay more money and upgrade. I didn't set up the store initially so I don't know how the values were established to begin with. This seems like very basic stuff here - to be able to edit and remove vendors for your store (I'm actually using this field more as a brand than vendor). 

I have contacted the theme support and here's their response: "So the vendor list that you're trying to edit isn't stored in the theme, we just pull the information from Shopify product dashboard and display it on the front end via this liquid object call once that is present, any product that has a vendor will display in the relevant field on the front end. All data entry for the vendors is done via Shopify's editor, the part where you add a vendor for Shopify."

Can someone please tell me how to edit these values in this field? Thanks in advance! Jen



If you're looking to change the vendor name within the Shopify admin you can do this one at a time directly from the product page (Products > Products > click Product name). On the left-hand side under Organization choose a different option from the dropdown (this will include other vendor names previously/currently used) or type in a new label, add it and Save!

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If you want to adjust more than one product at a time, check out the bulk editing feature.

  • From the Products page, select as many products as you'd like, then click Edit products.
  • On the top of your product list click Add fields and choose Vendor from the list.
  • Be sure to click Save in the top right corner before leaving this page!

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 11.35.40.png

If you're looking to remove the vendor details from your Online Store, this would need to be manipulated within the theme of your store! To accomplish this one of the following options should work:

  1. Search for the details in other posts on our forums. googling something like; "remove vendor Shopify forums" + the theme name should get some results!
  2. Add the theme name and maybe a screenshot, to this post.
  3. Or reach out to your Theme Developer directly for more support!
    • If you're unsure who your Developer is, you can check these details under Online Store > Themes > click Customize > click Theme Settings > choose Get support!
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@streetjen   It seems that Shopify will delete things that you cannot delete yourself.  However, the only way they get eliminated is if
they are not used anywhere.

For instance, I cannot delete tags.  Looks like it's the same with vendors.  I understand why, because if you do not know absolutely everywhere 
that vendor is referenced...and you delete it... the data becomes corrupt and can cause critical errors, like 404's (not found).  

So...in the example of a tag....I have to REMOVE that tag from any product that may have it on.  Then, Shopify will 'clean up' and delete it.
I use the bulk edit feature to add/delete those tags.  It is not too difficult, once you get the hang of it.

Hope this helps.