Editing the varients of Swimwear product (Bottom + Top)

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I'm trying to edit each variant of the Top and Bottom.

I'm trying to set different quantities for each Variant for example:

I only have 3 units of XS top but all bottom unit has been sold.

I hope someone would help! Please watch the image below

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Hi @UDisa 

You will probably need an app that allows product combos or bundles to achieve this in an ongoing manner. You could set the initial quantities of the different combinations based on the lowest available quantity of each size top or bottom within each combination (in the example you cite, any combination with an XS bottom would be set to zero, and any combination with an XS top would be set to 3, unless, for example there were only 2 M size bottoms, and then the XS top/M bottom combo would be set to 2). However, you would have to manually update all of the combinations going forward with each purchase to ensure accurate inventory tracking.

If you created separate products for the tops and bottoms (but keep these individual product pages hidden on your site), then used a combo/bundle app to create a combo product, it would allow for individual inventory tracking for each piece.

A few options:

Combo Wise