Ella Gymuso issues with logo and product title on carousel

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This is my first post here and this is for shopify India

Gymuso preview link: https://nh36vtk9v06foaf2-50357731495.shopifypreview.com/

Issues :

1. No matter what resolution of logo I try in rectangle format and what PPI it is, the logo at 80 px magnification is too small and at 250 px magnification is perfect in size but totally distorted. This is happening with only a rectangle logo because with a square logo it works abs fine. Please can someone help or tell me where I can play with numbers on the logo size inside the theme so that I can get it just right

2. You will notice from the images on the front carousel, there is a tiny white line between the banner and the top of every product image. I need to eliminate this white line. Scroll a bit up so the image sits on the top of the banner and you will see a tiny white line on the top and on the right. 

3. Because this is a portrait friendly theme and I am using the products in landscape, there is too much white space between the product title and price on the product page blocks and the carousel blocks also.  need to eliminate this

4. The product title and prices in the carousel are too left alight I want to give them a bit of space. 

5. Optional : Is it possible to build an OTP verification system on customer account registration instead of the recaptcha?


Please help. Theme support replies only once a day and worse still, they are out for the weekend. 

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Hii @Namit  ,
I think posting questions one by one will be easier for forum contributors to answer.

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Thank you


This has been done.