Embedding MP3 audio teasers (without app)?

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Hi there,
I want to move my vinyl record store from my current Magento based shop to Shopify.

One crucial thing would be to be able to have several MP3 audio teasers per product.

I opened a Shopify test account to try and solve this here.
But I ran into two problems:

1.) I can not upload mp3 files to my Shopify files (via Settings / Files).
I saw tutorials (from 2017) that mention doing that and also the Shopify support just confirmed to me that mp3s can be uploaded that way. But for me it doesn't work. Every time I try, I get a warning that the file type is not supported. I tried several different MP3 files (short ~1 min snippets).

2.) HMTL5 audio tag players don't seem to work in Shopify.
In my current Magento shop I entered audio snippets simply via the HMTL5 audio tags like this:
<audio src="https://...(url)... .mp3" type="audio/mpeg" controls="controls"></audio>

But adding this here in a Shopify product won't work. It shows the little player, but it won't start playing.

Do both problems only occur because I'm currently only running a non-public TEST shop here?

Can anyone help please? :)


Using embedded Soundcloud or YouTube players is no option. And I would like to solve this without using some audio player Shopify App.

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Ok, I figured out the solution to Problem no. 2:
I had tested this with an mp3 URL hosted on an old http website. The missing SSL prevents audio (and also images) embedded via HTML tags from loading in Shopify. But it works when the files have a https url.

Does anyone have any idea about problem no.1?
(Why it says "file type not supported" when I try to upload mp3s to my Shopify files.)