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Has anybody got any knowledge around integration of EposNow with Shopify using Shopify as the master?


I've got the Shopify app on EposNow which creates new items on our till as they are added to Shopify. I'm trying to achieve ensuring that stock levels can be reported on too from within Shopify (i.e. Stocky) but obviously orders do not come across at present.


I think I can do something such as Zapier to import orders across automatically to Shopify on their Free Plan. Would orders that get created in Shopify need manual closing etc? Would there be an easy way to do this on a daily basis for imported orders?



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Yes one of my clients used to used EposNow and have it synced to Shopify via the App. From memory (we got rid of EposNow about a year ago), we had it syncing the other way e.g. Epos was the master (so we'd create the products in Epos) and everything synced ok.


The short version of this answer is that we never entirely got on with the setup and had regular issues with stock volumes not matching up correctly, so we eventually took the plunge and dumped EposNow and now use Shopify POS. Much better in terms of no syncing issues, no need to pay monthly for the app etc. but the POS app is quite limited compared to EposNow so depends what features you need.

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