Error: Invalid JSON: unexpected token when editing the en.default.json in locales on Supply Theme

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Hi all

In the supply theme I have been trying to create a slideshow with text overlay (something similar to the item in the "Venture" free theme - in fact I have been using that as my template). I am on the last bit now where in the locales file en.default.json I have added the following section of code, just after the homepage block of code.


  "homepage": {
    "featured_collections": {
      "heading": "Shop For",
      "more_categories": "More categories",
      "no_collections_html": "You don't have any collections to show here. <a href=\"\/admin\/themes\/\">Add some featured collections<\/a> in your theme settings.",
      "example_collection": "Example Collection"
    "hero": {
      "next_slide": "Next slide",
      "previous_slide": "Previous slide",
      "pause_slideshow": "Pause slideshow",
      "play_slideshow": "Play slideshow",
      "navigation_instructions": "Use left\/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left\/right if using a mobile device",
      "slide_number": "Slide {{ slide_number }}, current"
    "featured_collection_rows": {
      "heading": "Featured Collection",
      "more": "More",
      "more_in_collection": "More {{ collection_title }}"


When I hit save I get the error 

An error prevented en.default.json from being saved.

Any ideas?