Error in New Order Notification Email

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Hello, I received an error in my "New Order Notification Email" for the first time, however I have not modified the code in the new order email settings.


The error reads: "[NAME] placed a new order with your store, Liquid error: wrong number of arguments (given 3, expected 1..2):


I bolded the problem. Can someone provide the original HTML code or suggest where the problem may be originating. I suspect that an app created this problem, however I have not seen this problem with other orders that had the same store settings.


Thank you!

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey there Clint,

Liam here from Shopify - thank you for your question :)


That does sound like an unusual error to be seeing in an uncustomized email notification. Is this appearing when you send a test notification to yourself from the admin? If this issue is still persisting, I'd recommend reaching out to our support directly, on these channels to troubleshoot in detail. 


Liam | Partner Education