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My client is running a proprietary business application and wants to interface to you

He has 2 requirements 


1. Retrieve Inventory shipped from you  on a daily basis

2. Upload inventory shipped from his application


This way his inventory availability will be in sync with you.

Please advise how this would work



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Instead of Excel take a look at Airtable. We have a few clients that are using our Airtable sync to accomplish the same objective - see current inventory levels across all locations, and update inventory via a spreadsheet-like interface. Happy to show you how it works in action. Also, check out our guide on how to manage and track Shopify inventory .

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Thank you for responding….
We need to send you reductions of inventory (for non-web sales) and receive back from you sales (reduction of inventory) so we can update our in house system.

If airtable can do this, I would very much like to see a demo of it.
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