Exporting Custom Fields from Orders + Applying Auto-Tags

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When exporting our order data, we need to include 3 custom fields we made (the MAKE, MODEL, and YEAR in the screenshot below). When people checkout on our store, they select this information to ensure the proper product is sent to them. Two questions:

1. Is there a way to export the .cvs file with this custom information?

2. Can we apply auto-tags to orders with the MAKE and MODEL? 


To further explain, the overall goal is to export all customers who have purchased a Luno Air Mattress before and what make, model, year is associated with that so we can see which vehicles are the 'most popular'. 

Thank you! 

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Hi @Luno

By default, Shopify's order export CSV does not include line item properties (which is what your make, model, year information are technically called). You can use an app such as Excelify (or other similar apps) though, that offers more options for importing/exporting data to and from Shopify, which can provide you with that information. Here's an article on that subject.

From there on out it's just a matter of filtering that information on a spreadsheet.

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Hello @pvoulg and @Luno 

Renars here from Excelify.
Thank you very much for suggesting Excelify.
The tutorial that you linked is exactly the correct one for exporting Line Item Properties.

@Luno If you have any more questions or require assistance with Excelify, feel free to contact us directly by any means listed in our "Contact Us" page.

Excelify.io | Bulk Import Export Update with Excel | https://apps.shopify.com/excel-export-import | https://excelify.io

Hey there Luno,

On the data export side, our app EZ Exporter can export Line Item Properties as well and you can place each line item property in a separate column for better readability.

We have a KB article here with an example on how works in our app.

Our app won't be able to auto-tag orders, however.

Please feel free to contact us as well in case you have any questions about this.

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