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Right now I am using a table in the description of the products that shows information like, Article number, Product Title, Description, Important information, Shipping stuff, Documents download, Warranty, Replaces and so on.


I'm using SEO ‑ All in One & Auto SEO app to take care of the SEO, but since I have a lot of products it is hard to go and change the Meta description for each product individually. That is why I want to use a Meta Template where I link the " ${description} " as Meta description.  


The problem is that my description has a lot of text that I don't want to have in the meta description like article number, and warranty information and so on.. 


Does anybody have another approach to this ?


Any answer is appreciated thank you.

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You can use bulk edit of the products to edit the SEO descriptions in quick manner.

Just select the products in dashboard, then click edit products and here add field for meta description and you will have all products all seo fields in one page.



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Unless we set a meta description through some kind of bulk import or whatever, you can use some liquid code to strip down the description. e.g. using the strip_html filter, limiting the number of words with the word_count filter etc. You could get more fancy and detect and remove certain strings of text etc. This would be part of generating the meta description tag in the header of the page.

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