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Dear Technical Shopify community,

Our site go-smooth.com has suddenly become extremely slow. Can anyone check what might be causing this?

I have installed 15 apps on the website:

- BEST Currency Coverter
- Custom JS & jQuery scripts
- Discounted Upsells
- Easy Contact Form
- EU Cookie Bar by Booster Apps
- FAQ & Accordion Templates
- InstaPics for Instagram Feed
- iZettle
- Klarna Payments
- langify
- Page Speed Optimizer by Booster Apps
- Sendcloud
- ShippyPro
- Yotpo Reviews

Thanks for the help in advance!




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Hi @GoSmoothSkin,


Have you tried testing your website on Google's PageSpeed Insight? They analyze what is slowing your pages down. I think following those results can improve your load speed significantly.

Normally, easy ways to optimize load speed without much technical work are:

  • Optimize image size: If you use MAC, you can use ImageOptim, for Window, you can try PNG Gauntlet.
  • Remove unnecessary apps: Which market are you targeting? Consider sticking to only English an USD, then you can remove some related apps.
  • Convert images into next-gen format, like: JPEG 2000, JPEG XR or WebP. But note that these formats are not supported for some browsers.

Optimizing load speed also relies significantly on other technical tactics like lazyload, compression, remove render-blocking resources. You might need to hire a service to implement without harming your pages.

I hope this helps.

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For sudden changes the first place I check is the console. I see multiple errors here:

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 9.50.28 AM.jpg 

If you're not familiar on working with the console, this guide will get you up to speed: Finding and Fixing Console and JavaScript Errors.

One thing that stands out there is a message saying how to "uninstall GTranslate properly". This probably means you uninstalled the app but need to remove code from loading on your site.

When you uninstall apps, they lose access to your site, so they can't remove any code that was added to your theme files. To learn how to do an app analysis look for the App Analysis section here: https://speedboostr.com/shopify-optimization/#optimize-how-requests

I would start with an app analysis first, then work on fixing each of those console errors.

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