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i'm using https://realfavicongenerator.net

and i also noticed windows tile RSS feed option in https://favicomatic.com/

all shopify store blogs have rss feed url (shopify blog url + .atom)

getting guidance here for realfavicongenerator and shopify http://www.suture.net/add-favicons-shopify/

so far it seems a lot is working, but i can't seem to get all of the windows 10 features to work, i got the background of the tile to be the color i want but im not sure how to get the correct FAVICON in there (150x150 mstile etc) and also the rss feed.

any guidance would be much appreciated, and i could donate if you can help

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No need to generate a different kind of Favicon icon if you are used Shopify predeveloped themes. If you are using the Shopify predeveloped theme then your Favicon icon maximum size is 200x200. 

If you working on custom requirement then it depends on you which types of favicon icon you have linked with your site.

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