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Hello Guys,

Am trying to add FB pixels to shopify account, but the text box is no longer available and asking to set up facebook.

While setting up, account is getting linked, but the business manager is no showing up.

1. Tried to change the FB page template to Shop.

2. Visiting https://business.facebook.com/ shows up the FB page in the business suite.

3. Am the admin of the FB page and used the same account to setup FB in shopify.

At this point i'm not sure what else needs to be done.

If I try to create Business Manager from the below image, the account gets locked up and already lost couple of accounts.

Any troubleshooting steps or suggestion is much appreciated. 

Business manager not showing up.Business manager not showing up.

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I am also stuck here. Shopify created a business manager and ad account for me through Facebook, but the account was disabled from Facebook immediately.. and I cant ask Facebook for a review as it requests to verify the business... an issue I cant do because I didn't register the business yet.. Any help is appreciated!