Facebook Business Manager Restriction During Pixel Set Up

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Hi All, 

I received the following message when attempting to connect the Facebook Channel: 

"You are temporarily blocked from creating a Business Manager by Facebook due to integrity policies. Please try again later or use an existing Business Manager." 

A couple points to note: 

1. My account is quite new, but it is being warmed up

2. I have have no history of problematic or toxic ads

3. I have a Shopify trial that is ending around Jan 4th, upon which my Basic plan billing will start. 

I noticed one of the requirements to use the Facebook Pixel (and set up a Business Manager in the process) was that I need to have at least a Basic Plan with Shopify. While I have inputted my payment details, the plan has not kicked in yet as I still have some days left on my free trial. 

Any help would be much appreciated. I am extremely new to all of this (total first-timer) and I am just trying to help my family out during COVID. Thanks in advance! 

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I am having the exact same problem, I'm not sure why.

Did you resolve it? If so, how?