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I cannot connect the business manager to my Shopify account. Please see the attached image.

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Before you begin, consider the following.

Ascertain that you have a Facebook ad account as well as a Facebook Business Manager account. To link the Facebook channel in Shopify, you must be an admin of both the Facebook Business Manager who owns a particular Facebook Page and the Facebook Page itself.

Way to link your Shopify account to your Facebook account.

Sign in to your Shopify account to get started. To link Facebook to Shopify, install the Facebook channel.

After you've set up Instagram Shopping, Facebook Store, or Facebook marketing on Shopify, the Facebook channel will be activated. Shopify also has access to your Facebook Profile, Facebook ad account, and Shopify Business Manager.

The next move is to incorporate the Facebook pixel into your Shopify dashboard. 

You can now use the Conversions API to share data more reliably. To submit data to the Conversions API in addition to the Facebook pixel and advanced matching, select "Maximum" in your Data sharing settings. You've completed the process of linking your Shopify account to Facebook and are now ready to create a Facebook ad to draw new visitors to your website.