Facebook Connecting Issue

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I have linked my facebook page a couple months ago and it worked very well. Then I recently updated some more products and I found out the message that I need to reconnect the facebook page again. (It looks like I was using "Facebook Page" channel and it is no longer working and I had to connect new "Facebook" Channel again) After I tried most of the solutions I could find in the shopify community, I still can't connect my FB page with Shopify. I had three admins for FB Page, and I checked their page role as "Admin". When I try to connect the Shopify FB Channel with the Primary FB Account (the page creator), it kept showing me the message below. 

스크린샷 2020-11-09 오전 10.11.44.png

 Then I tried with other FB Page admin's account and it showed me like this below. However, it created a new FB Page in this FB account, and I couldn't use the existing FB Page. 


What I tried after I saw this, I wanted to leave the Primary FB Page admin only, so I removed the above Second Admin from the FB Page. 

Then I logged out from everything and entered Shopify and tried to connect my page again, but it shows me the first image I attached. 

I don't understand why the Shopify and FB business manager don't recognize this primary FB account as the Admin. 

Please someone help me. Thank you for reading this.