Facebook Dynamic Ads and Voucher code link

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Hi everyone,

Hoping someone has come across the same issue as I'm having and has been able to resolve.

I'm running dynamic re-targeting Facebook ads to my shopify catatlogue and as a promo give the visitor a promo code to input when they come back to my store.

But, what I'm trying to do is remove the need for the customer to add the promo code manually. 

Now, I can get this to work if I use a standard campaign and send to homepage with promo code link shared 

But, using the shareable code as part of the dynamic retargting ads aren't working.

when I click on the preview sent to my FB page it takes me to the correct re-taregeting product page but is not applying the promo code at checkout.

Any ideas how I can get this to work?

Tried appending ?redirect=