Facebook Pixel ID firing twice

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Hi all,


I would really appreciate if someone could help me on this.


I have installed the Facebook Pixel ID on Shopify, however, some events are firing twice because there seems to be another facebook pixel firing which I don't recognize and I don't remember installing it. My guess is that it has to be a plugin or app from Shopify.


I have talked to Facebook help center and they told me to remove it but I can't seem to find it or block it. I have tried everything. Anybody has the same problem or similar? Any ideas for solution?




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Hello @AlbertoRuiz ,
As I can on your site their is a two script (Pixel) added,
1. Is for Event code (Pixel ID: 1690186024618428 this is "EVENT INFO" )
2. Custom parameter (Pixel ID: 1361106330677618 this is "CUSTOM PARAMETERS")

You need to remove 1 script (Pixel) which is not required to you.
if you dont know the location of that script we have to check and remove by custom.


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Thanks for replying @oscprofessional

I would like to remove the Pixel ID: 1690186024618428 which I think is causing the other pixel ID 1361106330677618 to fire twice. However, I can't seem to find it on my Shopify Code.