Facebook Pixel - View Content Event Only Firing 25% Of The Time

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We drive all our Facebook Ads to our product page. As a result, the number of link clicks on our ads usually matches the number of content views from our ads within a 90% range or so. 

As of April 8th, our ads stopped reporting a dramatic number of view content events from our ads, and the number has declined. 

Yesterday for example our ads tracked around 1,000 link clicks but only 220 view content events, even though every link click drives users to the product page. 

On top of this, I would reiterate again that before April 8th our link clicks and view content events matched almost exactly or within a 90% range of each other every single day. 

When we QA the pixel on our website, we see the View Content event firing (or so it seems). We have also uninstalled and reinstalled the Shopify Facebook Integration. 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I just chatted with Shopify support who said there was an outage with the Facebook/Shopify API on April 8th - I imagine this must be the cause of the problem. However, I have spoken with and checked a lot of other Shopify Stores and nobody else is having this issue it seems. 

Any help is appreciated!