Facebook pixel's microdata is incomplete or incorrectly formatted


I have installed the facebook sales channel, assigned my Facebook pixel and selected maximum tracking, everything looks ok. I have published all my products to Facebook and my online store and there are no publishing errors showing but only 70 products have replicated to my Facebook shop. When I look at the Facebook catalogue manager it says that the pixel's microdata is incomplete or incorrectly formatted.

I have run a microdata debug tool for some of my products and they all come back with the error that the required field "ID" is missing and that products cannot be uploaded without it.

If I look at the pixel activity it shows that i am receiving some activity from my website and from Shopify preview.

If i go to my catalogue manager it shows me 2 catalogues, 1 is mywebsitename.myshopify.com and the other is called Shopify Product Catalogue but both have different catalogue ID's . The one that is mywebsitename.myshopify.co.uk is empty of all products but the one that is just called Shopify Product Catalogue has 70 products in it, i've published over 400 products to Facebook.

Please any provide any assistance as what's going wrong, i need to get all my products available on Facebook and i'm lost what steps to take next.

Why is the debug tool saying the product ID is missing?
Why are only 70 out of 400 products showing on Facebook?
Should I have 2 catalogues in my commerce account or just 1?

Its been 2 days since I published my products to Facebook.

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Have you had an update, we're experiencing the same issue.


No unfortunately we haven’t heard anything. I ended up installing Flexify as per the following


its now working with this feed but never resolved Facebook pixel.

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Hello there,

This is Aby from the Flexify support team

Regarding the catalogue, you need to have only one catalogue - the reason for it is because you want to avoid having multiple feeds: https://www.flexify.net/help/can-i-have-multiple-feeds

Please do not use the catalogue which was automatically created by Shopify - our app won't work then.

Hope that helps and please let me know if you need my further assistance!

Take care,