Failed to find a valid digest in the 'inegrity' attribute for resource 'request storage access link'

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I have some trouble getting the app to work, one of our developers developed an app that is working fine in his Mac OS environment. Our company wants to provide an app server in order to run this app on that server, currently, the setup is with Docker, this structure lives behind a reverse proxy with a letsencrypt companion. So the traffic hits the app url: and gets a response, as you can see the install field is loading properly. The Ruby on Rails app is being served from puma to the nginx reverse proxy (see attached configuration files). Currently, we need it as a private app, since we are still developing details on it.
Now here comes the part where it gets pretty strange:
1.) Installing the app with the generated app installation link ends up in the following fuckup:


See the response from the system in the attached file. The page turns out to be error-2.png
The app is running in a ruby environment, the necessary setup for the container is applied and works fine with any other ruby app just serving as a webpage. See the attached ruby configuration, also working through this solution did not bring anything:
When running the install from within an incognito window I got to the next step that showed up:

But after that, it went again into the same error message. Here in addition attached the reverse proxy configuration from Nginx. The configuration on the shopify API Version:

The Event-Version is 2021-04
I am asking you for help in resolving this issue. I also attach the BuildLog of the TeamCity server, and the log of the production app log file.
Has someone experienced the same issue? Thanks and I am waiting for your feedback (: