[Feature request] Overwrite existing images and files with new ones, while keeping the same URL

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The file manager (Settings >> Files) needs a way to overwrite existing files.

Our store has 3,600 product images and about 50 PDFs. About once a month, we take updated product photos to replace the old ones. We update about 30 photos each time. However, when uploading these new images, Shopify adds 32 characters to the end of the URL:

Before: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0251/9964/0648/files/mx_6053-40led-1.jpg

After: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0251/9964/0648/files/mx_6053-40led-1_a5e9a298-9912-4a3a-b80a-9bcfb... 

This is really frustrating because the only workaround is to search each filename manually, delete them one at a time, then upload the new images. Imagine doing this for 30 images!

The other workaround is to select ALL my files (about 4,000 in total including logos, banners, and other images), delete ALL of them, then reupload ALL of them. This is a lot of work for just wanting to update 30 images. And sometimes, this workaround doesn't even work (it adds the 32 extra characters anyways).

Looking around on this forum, I can see that this has been an issue for at least 6 years because I have seen very old posts of customers complaining about the same issue. It would be incredible if file replacing was made easier in the future, and I'm hoping this post can be my grain of sand to help push to getting this feature implemented.

A bonus would be the ability to arrange files into folders, or perhaps allow us to upload and manage files using FTP.

Also, this may just be a semantics thing, but it surprises me that Files is considered a "Setting" when really it should be a basic part of managing an online store.


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I was surprised that one couldn’t upload new image & maintain url - so all locations linked to the file - would simply update. Same use like you!




If you have fewer than 10 images per product you can add/remove photos via the Vela app (getvela.com, it's free), however, it relies on the sequence of the images for replacements so if the image you're updating isn't always, say, in position 3, you will still be poking at things manually. I am not at all suggesting that this feature request is not necessary -- it is!!-- but this workaround may be helpful if you're limping along in the meantime.